Shell: while loops and variables

A common idiom in shell scripting is to tweak the value of IFS (internal field separator) while reading lines of input: while IFS

Debugging etags

I’ve been using ctags to navigate the codebases I work with in Vim for a couple years, largely thanks to a blog post by Tim Pope where he describes...


A while back I stopped using “jk” to exit Vim’s insert-mode, turning instead to the mostly-useless Caps Lock. I set it to be Control, then used Karabiner...

unix know-how

I was working with MySQL queries that involved timezone conversion when I noticed that my local instance of MySQL didn’t recognize named timezones. Queries with named timezones were returning

search & replace

Performing a project-wide search-and-replace is a common task, and yet I still forget how to do it in Vim. While there’s not that much to it (build an argument list...